Sunday, 24 August 2014

Waiting for Autumn

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Summer. During the short lived heatwave we experienced in England earlier on in the year, I was the first to be outside sunbathing and swimming in the sea. But the longing for woolly tights, scarves and winter coats is starting to creep in. I want to wear boots without feeling like my feet are going to fall off because they're so warm. And most of all, I want to cover up my wobbly bits and feel 100% comfortable in what I'm wearing. And I can wear all black without feeling judged. 

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. The crisp, cold days still have hints of bright sunlight and it's not too cold to go on beach walks. Also, because where I live is a very popular tourist spot, everything begins to calm down and you can go outside without feeling like a stranger in your own village.

Also Autumn means it's nearly Christmas. Every year I tell my self that I'm not going to get over excited for Christmas too early and every year I find myself counting down from about October... And I have a lot of good things planned over the chillier months. My new job starts, I'm spending Christmas with my dad's family and it's mine and my boyfriends one year anniversary.

It's not that I want to wish away summer, but I just really love Autumn.

What's your favourite thing about your favourite season?

- Millie xx

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