Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What's On My Face #4

Since I haven't done one of these posts in over a year, I thought it was time to do an updated What's On My Face. Now, don't get excited people. After Christmas and New Year, I've toned the make up down a bit to give my skin a break. 

This product has been a god send to liven up my tired skin. I think in January everything is grey, including my skin. To combat that, I just pop a little bit of this primer on before my foundation to give my skin a glow. It even works when you have a hangover!

The paleness of this foundation just makes me laugh but I am so glad to find a foundation that doesn't appear orange on my face. Honestly, even the lightest shades of lots of other brands look orange on me. So the L'Oreal foundation is great for the winter months when my summer tan is a distant memory. And I just love the formula of this, it's so light on the skin.

Even though nothing will overtake my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, this Maybelline concealer is a very close second. 

I've mentioned this powder in a previous What's On My Face post so I'll keep it short. Love this powder, has amazing coverage and doesn't make my look like a satsuma!

I really need to buy a new one of these, this one is so battered because it comes everywhere with me. I use this bronzer everytime I wear make up and all my other bronzers have just fallen by the wayside. I love that this bronzer comes in really lights shade suitable for pale people like me!

I don't regularly wear blusher, but when I fancy it this is what I've been reaching for recently. 

I cannot rave about this mascara enough. When I first started using it, I was obsessed with the Benefit They're Real and I think Lash Sensational just blows that out the water. I know, bold comment. This mascara manages to makes my stumpy lashes look long and fluttery. I just love it.

I would have sworn up and down that this product was called Brow Archery, but then I look at the packaging to write this post and no, it's Archery Brow Tint and Pencil. I can't be the only one? But I digress, I love the pencil part of this product but I just don't get the hype around the brow tint end. Everytime I use it, it just looks like I've drawn my eyebrows on with a felt tip. And I don't even use a lot of the product! But the colour of the pencil is perfect for my eyebrows without being comically dark.

I finally have a Naked palette. Actually, I've had it a little while but this is it's debut on this blog. I spent ages choosing between the Naked 1 and 2 and I'm so glad I decided on the Naked 2. The shades in this palette are very complimentary and I would say I use this palette 6 out of the 7 days a week.

What make up are you putting on your face currently?

- Millie xx