Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Boardmasters 2014

I'm sorry for the late upload for this post but better late than never! Some of you may know that I spent the last weekend at Boardmasters, a festival that takes place in Watergate Bay, North Cornwall and I just thought that I would share my experience with you. You can have a nosey on their website here if you'd like to know more about the festival. As I forgot my camera *slaps wrist* this blogpost will be very chatty as the only pictures I could find have been stolen from my sister's and boyfriend's twitter/instagram accounts.

The reason I was at Boardmasters this year was that my previous bosses, who I've worked for for years, have just started up a little catering type business in an Airstream caravan (see above, look how cute it is! And they're Facebook page is here if you'd like to check it out). Me, my two sisters and my boyfriend all got roped into working for them which meant that we got free passes to the festival and were able to camp in the slightly cleaner staff campsite. We arrived at the campsite on Thursday after trying to squish everything for four people into my little Fiat Punto - the noises coming from my car actually made me feel sick. After shifting the majority of our stuff into one campsite we discovered that there was no room for us and overheard other staff talking about another staff campsite in another field. Can I just say at this point that throughout the whole weekend the security working on site were for the most part useless. Luckily I found a lovely security guy and managed to flirt my way into the nicer staff campsite which we weren't really supposed to be in - hey, anything for a comfortable nights sleep.

Friday was the first day of work for us and we all walked over to the arena to have a look at everything before the festival-goers descended on it. The first day was amazing, it was lovely and warm and everything was so chilled throughout the day. I also managed to get on most the rides - I'm a massive adrenaline junkie. In the evening I got to go and see Chase and Status which was amazing. I didn't realise how many of their songs I actually knew. And then I was on the late shift at work, it was so funny just watching drunk people stumble back to their tents. Unfortunately my sister, Alice, had a panic attack as she was leaving work because she hates crowds and insisted on walking back to the tent on her own. My boyfriend managed to calm her down eventually.

Saturday was just as eventful. Because not many people were coming into the arena in the morning, I got to spend some time off work with everyone. It was nice that all four of us got to go on rides together and just experience the festival during the day. However, the weather started to get really crappy and pretty much rained for most of the day. But I didn't mind as I got to see Zane Lowe in the evening and it was honestly one of the best performances I've ever seen. He was amazing and the crowd had such a nice atmosphere to it. And then it was back to work for me. Snoop Dogg - I know, in little old Cornwall?! - was performing that night so the crowd was very rowdy and you can just imagine what else!

Sunday was such a stressful day for me. Because of Hurricane Bertha arriving the previous night, the festival was unfortunately cancelled as the severe weather made it dangerous to be anywhere around the arena. As our tent was just about falling down we just decided to pack up and go home. Enter unhelpful security people. Because I had to go get the car and drive it into the campsite so we could easily go home, I thought this would be pretty easy. But no. They had closed the road I needed to go down and wouldn't tell me how to get in the other way. Whenever I tried to pull over and asked a question, someone in a high-vis jacket would just scream and me and tell me to go away. I understand that it was a confusing time for everyone, including security, but I was a young girl, on my own, with literally no idea where I needed to go - I could have used a little bit of help. And I have to admit it, I did have a little cry. Yep, I had to pull into a car park and sob in my little orange Punto. Just so you know, I don't really enjoy driving and I hate feeling lost and then I just begin to panic! But after multiple phone calls to my mum and my boyfriend, I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go and after an hour of stressful driving, I made it to the campsite. Once we'd packed everything up we did the only thing we could do in a stressful situation - we went to McDonald's. Rant over.

So all in all, it was an amazing experience and I'm not going to let it be ruined by one horrible day. I will definitely be going next year, either working or not. I'll just maybe stay in a hotel down the road...

Did you enjoy this chatty type of post? Let me know!

- Millie xx


  1. looks amazing im jealous! just a shame about the last day! i'd love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/08/fitwear-fashion-with-south-beach-and.html xx

    1. It was such a good weekend, I just wish that the last day had gone smoothly! Thank you for your comment!
      - Millie xx