Friday, 15 August 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites

This is my first Non-Beauty Favourites post! It's not going to be a monthly thing though because I can be quite picky with my favourites. I love reading about other peoples favourites so I figured that I would do my own!

I love this kimono! Admittedly, I jumped on the kimono band wagon pretty late but I am so glad I purchased this. I have literally been wearing it with everything - jeans, shorts, dresses - it just instantly dresses up an outfit. And it is so flattering on.

Company Magazine
I love Company anyway but recently it's been the only magazine I've been reaching for. Their summer fashion articles are on point and I have been loving their recent 'blogger related' pieces. It sounds soppy but it's so inspiring and motivating to see someone who was in my position maybe a few years ago featured in a successful magazine.

Sunshine On Leith
If you're after a lovely, heart-warming, cheese-filled musical than you need to watch this. I for one love cheesey muscials so I knew this was going to be a win. This film features the music from The Proclaimers and despite only knowing the ol' classic 'and I would walk five hundred miles' it was so good! 

Orange A4 Notebook // Paperchase
I bought this earlier on in the year and it has come in so handy recently. It literally holds everything going on in my life whether it's mundane shopping lists, blogging schedules or my random 3am thoughts - I'm not the only one that wakes up still half asleep and scribbles nonsense down, am I?

What are your non-beauty favourites?

- Millie xx

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