Thursday, 14 January 2016

Life Update

I've moved! I'm out of my mum's house in Cornwall and moved all the way... to Devon. Ok, so I'm just one county over but I've moved into my own little flat with my boyfriend and I love it. It's a bit bare at the moment (our sofa's still on order) and it's definitely not how I want it yet but I still love it. And it gives me the opportunity to do homeware posts! So that's why there was a bit of a gap, we only got internet yesterday as I'm typing this!

It was all a bit fast paced, we moved a few days after Christmas. And as most of my gifts were homeware related I unwrapped everything only to pack it all again the day after. But we're settled in now and finding our feet in our new city. I'm planning to keep you updated as the flat improves, but that may take a little while! 

- Millie xx

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