Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter Clothing Wishlist

As the colder months are definitely upon us, I've been loving the Autumn/Winter wishlists that are popping up more and more frequently at the moment. So I wanted to share my own Winter Clothing Wishlist with you.

My winter coat is getting very tired looking as I've had it for a few years now.. I'm not really the type of person that just buys coats on a whim as I tend to think "I won't need that for months!" until it gets to Autumn and I realise that my coat is a little more ragged than I initially thought. These two coats instantly caught my eye, mostly because of how warm they look. The one of the right is the Faux Fur Lined Short Parka Jacket from Topshop. I love how the faux fur runs all the way through the coata and the navy blue colour would be so versatile. The coat on the left is the Chestnut Brown Faux Fur Trim Hooded Duffle Coat from New Look. I think I have a slight obsession with faux fur this winter., The colour of this coat is gorgeous and is so different from anything I have - it just reminds me of Autumn. I also love the Burgundy version.

I would love a pair of big, chunky, platform boots this winter. I'm pretty late to the party with this one as I originally hated them and thought they were ugly but they have massively grown on me recently. Both pairs I found whilst scrolling through Asos. I love the gold detailing on the left pair - River Island's Para Concealed Platform Boots - and I think the would really dress up an outfit with the suede across the front of the boot. The right pair - Asos' Empire Chelsea Ankle Boots - I would definitely wear day to day because of the Chelsea Boot style and I think they would look better once they'd been worn in a bit.

Anything tartan. Honestly, I would be quite happy to live in a mix of tartan throughout the winter. There's just something about it that screams cold weather, wrapping up warm and Christmas - maybe it's the Scottish connection?!. And I just love the way a tartan skirt or dress looks with some woolly tights and a nice pair of boots.

That's everything I'll hopefully be wearing throughout winter, what's on your winter wishlist?

- Millie xx


  1. I love the colour of that coat!! So perfectly Autumnal <3


    1. I know! I may have to take a trip to New Look very soon..
      - Millie xx