Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Skincare Haul

I do not know what's been going on with my skin recently - it's been breakout central. So I thought I would give my skin a much needed treat in the shape of some new skincare goodies. Also, as I purchased these a little while ago now I'll give you little bonus reviews as well!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks // Mud Pac Dead Sea - Manuka Honey Peel OffPassion Peel Off
I remember when my mum used to treat me and my friends with these at sleepovers! I saw these when I was in Boots and wanted to try them again. I've only used the Passion Peel Off one so far and there wasn't a noticeable difference but it did make my skin feel so soft! Even if they aren't brillinat, I wouldn't mind, I bought them more for the novelty and they're only a pound!

This is my first hot cloth cleanser and I'll tell you what - I've been turned. This feels like such a luxury product despite the fact it's only £10. This has a gorgeous lavender smell when you use it so I love to use it before bed as it's very relaxing. However you do need a fair amount to do you're whole face and I only like to use it after I've taken off my eye makeup so I don;t use to much product.

Yes..There was a deal on, pesky Boots. But this purchase was to address the breakout central situation I have going on at the moment so this little tube has been thoroughly tested. And it's been brilliant for those angry, hurty, red spots. The instructions advise you to use it overnight and then reapply in the morning but I've only been using it overnight and it's worked wonders. I'll warn you though, it usually gets a bit worse before it gets better but stick with it because the results are so good!

What skincare do you love using? 

- Millie xx

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