Saturday, 8 November 2014

October Favourites

A belated favourites post. I don't have enough favourites to warrant a monthly post but I'll do my best to do it as frequently as possible.

This is such a good book that I spent the majority of October racing through. I'm going to put a full review up soon but in short, I didn't want to put this book down throughout the whole of the month.

As you can see, this little tube has been fairly abused recently - I only bought it a few weeks ago - as a result of the chaos on my face right now. But this stuff works wonders. You just need the smallest amount on that angry, red spot for a few nights and it completely disappears. It is very drying though so I like to put it on after my night moisturiser to protect the skin surrounding the spot a bit. I've got a slightly more in detail review here.

I don't need to bang on again about how much I love these little pot of goodness - they've been consistently feautured throughout this blog, I hope you've got the general gist. I bloody love them. Enough said. And, this is my perfect shade for Autumn as I'm loving a purpley smokey eye right now.

Whilst redecorating my room I stumbled across this old favourite and flicking through it I realised that this is the book that taught me most my make up tricks and tips. I bought this when I first started properly getting into makeup - maybe two years ago - and I would never put it down. It doesn't matter what skin type/hair type/various shades and colours you are, this has something for everyone and I've thoroughly enjoyed going back through it and picking up old tricks. 

ASOS Sleek Large Face Watch 
I only bought this recently and it's already out of stock - sorry! - but I've found alternatives here, here and here. This style of watch goes with everything and it's my only accessory of choice at the moment. It such a classic style that I think I will continue wearing as long as it still works/isn't falling apart. 

What are your favourite things at the moment?

- Millie x


  1. WE WERE LIARS IS INCREDIBLE! like literally my favourite book of 2014 so far

    1. It's so good! Have you read any other of E. Lockhart's books?
      - Millie xx