Sunday, 27 December 2015

Currently Reading // After The Crash by Michel Bussi

As I am a massive bookworm I thought I would start a little series to give you a little insight into what I'm reading at the moment.

The blurb
On the night of 22 December, a plane crashed on the Franco-Swiss border.
All the passengers are killed instantly, apart from one miraculous survivor - a three-month-old baby girl. But who is she? Two families step forward to claim her, but is she Lyse Rose or Emilie?
Two decades later, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, the detective who investigated the case makes a discovery that could change everything...

So far, I'm really enjoying this book. The story is set in France, 1980 and follows an 18 year old mystery of the identity of a plane crash survivor. The narrative jumps around a lot to different main characters to journal entries which makes it quite hard to get into to start. But the story pulls you in as each chapter reveals something new about the original mystery to events in the present day making it an interesting, if slightly confusing, read.

What are you currently reading? Any recommendations?

- Millie xx

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