Sunday, 20 December 2015

20 Facts About Me

So, let's skip the usual routine of me apologising for being so absent. Life kind of got in the way. Aaaand, let's leave it at that. On with the post!

I realised that I've not shared a lot about myself on this blog minus the exception of my first post. So here are 20 Facts About Me for all you lovely people.

  1. I am 19 years old
  2. My birthday is 7th March so that makes me a Pisces
  3. I am a super messy person but am also very organised
  4. I am a total book worm
  5. I'm allergic to blueberry muffins but not blueberries or muffins on their own. Strange right?
  6. I am a slave to reality TV. Don't judge
  7. I'm a very independent person and hate asking for help
  8. When I'm on my own, I sleep with fairy lights. Such a sad excuse for a 19 year old
  9. Right now, I'm lactose intolerant. Basically I was really ill last year and the enzymes that digest lactose got killed but I should be fine soon
  10. I like to watch TV with subtitles
  11. I've worn glasses since I was 9. Should really wear them full time but sometimes vanity gets in the way...
  12. I'm claustrophobic and will avoid going in lifts even if it means endless flights of stairs
  13. I drink so much water
  14. I have double jointed thumbs
  15. My dream since I was young is to write and publish my own book
  16. I used to swim for my home county
  17. Swimming is one of the only things that properly chills me out
  18. I'm 5'4 and have size 4 feet
  19. I used to straighten my hair everyday and hated my natural curly hair 
  20. I'm a massive procrastinator

Well, I hope you all know me a little bit better now. Leave some facts about yourself so I can get to know you better!

- Millie xx

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